EFF Presidential election race getting fiercer

Though the Election date postponed to January, Ethiopian Olympic Committee President, Doctor Asheber W/Giorgis, lately joined the fiercest ever Federation Presidential race in the country’s football history. Declining to back Ethiopian Football Coaches’ Association candidate Yohanes Sahle the country’s football Capital, Addis Ababa, failed to endorse a candidate for the presidential race.
Sailing through the most turbulent four year term ever, only to resign past FIFA observed election, the former Ethiopian Football Federation President Dr Asheber got an endorsement from SNNP to run for his second term as president to Ethiopian Football federation. Owner of dental hospital chains and currently Ethiopian Olympic Committee and Basket Ball Federation President Dr Asheber’s participation means taking the already heated race to its boiling point. Also in the race is Ambassador Tofik Abdulahi from Harar. The humble and friendly former Ambassador to Djibouti had been close to Ethiopian Football at executive level. Thus, he’s running for the race on the grounds of a man with abundant inside knowledge of Ethiopian Football.
In the meantime Ethio Somali, Amhara, Benshangul, Afar, Addis Ababa, SNNPR and Diredawa regions have each endorsed their respective candidates to run for Executive Committee Membership.
The only Women candidate among the Lion’s den is Mrs Sofia of Benshangul replacing Dr Neseredin Abdulahi who declined to run for a second term. Former Ethiopian national team coach who helped Ethiopia return to African nations’ Cup final after 31 years’ absence Sewnet Bishaw, the man who played major role in making Addis Ababa City Cup a success story, Engineer Haileyesus Feseha, incumbent EFF executive Committee members: Engineer Choul Beil, Ato Zerihun Kekebo and Ato Abebe Gelagay are the other candidates from Amhara, Addis Ababa, Gambella, SNNPR and Diredawa regions respectively. With the election date pushed to January new candidates are expected to join the race for Executive Committee membership.

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