Getu assigned assistant to Dedebit while Gezahne axed from Ethiopia Bunna


Former KidusGiorgis and Ethiopian national team defensive midfielder GetuTeshome is promoted to assistant position to Dedebit head coach Negussie Desta while Popadic’s assistant GezahneKetema and team leader SeyfeZergbachew were axed off their respective position ahead of the arrival of a new Serbian head coach to the hot seat.
Helping Dedebit’s Women slide into the league championship title and knock-out cup finalist in the very season with the team, Getu named assistant to the men’s team. Humble yet a diehard midfielder in his playing times Getu’s easy going attitude with the players as well the officials plus his long and colorful playing times made him a first choice to head coach replacinjg Negussie who returned to Dedebit for his second spell. “Getu’s promotion will help a lot to the Blues because he has abundant battle experience at the highest level” Suggested one of the senior players.
In the meantime Ethiopia Bunna once again kicked out assistant coach Gezahne for no obvious reason. Gezahne had been assisting Popadic until his sudden hospitalization and was expected to stay on course so that he could update Popadic’s replacement. However officials in Ethiopia Bunna appeared dissatisfied with whatever his contribution was thus, pushed him off the assistant role along with the team leader SeyefeZergabacew. “Gezahne could have been a huge asset for the new coach by updating him on the whole story of the preseason. I wonder why Ethiopia Bunna is bitter about him.” remarked a longtime supporter who believed his team has no chance of title contention this season.