St.Paul hospital to start forensic service


To share the burden of Menelik and Abet hospitals, St.Paul Hospital Millennium Medical College plans to start a forensic medicine service which will be equipped with a DNA identification laboratory.
The service center which will be called National Center for Forensic and Pathology will have seven tables and 20 cold rooms which stores the deceased.
Seven local pathologists which who are educated in India will work on the new 400 square meter G+3 building which consumed near 30 million birr in construction.
Forensic pathology will be carried out in the center in order to determine the cause of death by examining a corpse.
Moti Assefa, office engineer at St.Paul hospital told Capital that the center will help the country to accomplish more in forensic medicine area that will help police in criminal investigations.
“Despite the importance of forensic medicine, it has not been widely practiced in Ethiopia. Lack of trained forensic pathologists and allied staff and lack of facilities and equipments arestill challenges. Compare to our population, the three forensic medicine service centers that are working currently are not enough and we hope the addition of the new center will add some value,” Moti said.
He also pointed out that medical students will be getting practical lesson at the center.
“Autopsy procedure will be taught at the center and medical students and pathology residents will receive instruction at this center. In a very real sense, we’re fulfilling an educational mission of producing future generations of pathologists who will practice in our country,” Moti also said.
He added that the center will begin operations after technicians have finished installing all the different machines and equipments in the facility.
In related news Menelik Referral Hospital announced that it has plans to invest more than 100 million birr to construct a new forensic medicine service center in a short period of time.
According to Alemayhu Wendemu, CEO of the hospital, the new G+4 center will have seven tables and 20 cold rooms.“ Currently we are working with St. Paul Hospital to renovate the current forensic medicine service center which only has three functional tables. The new building will have special laboratories and latest equipments enabling us to provide a better service,” the CEO said. The first forensic medicine service began in Ethiopia 50 years ago. Recently, Abet Hospital and Aider Hospital located in the Tigray Region started providing the service. For a long time and still today, the forensic medicine service center at the Menelik Hospital has only one Cuban descent specialist.