Coffee trade value up 58 percent in October 2017, monthly trading value reaches 2.2 billon birr


Ethiopia Commodity Exchange traded 37,222 tons commodities worth ETB 2.2 billion during the month of October.
During the month, 27,212 tons of coffee, 990 tons of pea bean, 8,990 tons of sesame and 30 tons of green mung bean have been transacted. Coffee is still of the top of the trading in contributing 73,1 I % and 87 .29% of volume and value respectively.
In line with this, coffee price has increased by 8% in the month and when it is compared to the previous month, the volume and value of coffee have increased by 58% and 68% respectively The coffee volume and value has increased more than double when compared to last year’s some period performance.
Export coffee trade leads the market by taking similarly 72% of the volume and the value, followed by Local and specialty coffees in row.
In this month, 4,850 tons of coffee for local consumption and 2,679 tons of specialty coffee ore Traded. Specialty coffees were sold at a premium price ranging from o maximum of ETB 2,360 to a minimum of ETB 940 in lot (15kg).
ln addition, the total pea bean volume and value have also increased by 40% and 36%. The price of sesame is also increased by l2%, and trade volume and value has increased by 297 and 46%. A total of 8,990 tons of sesame had been traded for 265 million ETB.
Humera Gondar sesame took higher share of the market scoring 68% and 70% in terms of volume and value respectively. When it is compared to the previous month, there is increment by 29% in value and 46 % in volume of sesame. A total of 990 tons round white pea bean had been transacted for ETB l5 million which has shown 40% and 36% increase in terms of volume and value from lost month. Green mung bean has been traded and scored a total volume of 30 tons which is worth ETB 558 thousand.
In a related development, Wondemagengew Negera has been appointed as the Executive Director of ECX.