Land policy conference focuses on youth unemployment


Land planning and governance, land certification system, technology application for agriculture, conflict management, access to land for women and youth and environment management and youth employment were some of the topics that were covered at the Second Conference on Land Policy in Africa that was held at the UNECA this week.
The Conference that was organized by the ECA, the African Union and the African Development Bank and under the coordination of the African Land Policy Center underlined that Africa is in a hopeful state not only because of its youthfulness but also due to the widespread discovery of land based resources.
According to ECA’S Deputy Executive Secretary and Chief Economist Abdalla Hamdok, Africa is home to abundant natural resources accounting for at least 30 percent of the world’s natural resource wealth, 12 percent of oil reserves, 40 percent of global gold reserves, 60 percent of uncultivated land and 70 percent of Colton deposits, from which electronic microchips are made.
The 420 million young people aged between 15-35 years can be gainfully involved in the exploitation of these resources especially through agriculture, manufacturing and industrial sectors”, said Hamdok.
Present at the opening session was also was Eyasu Abraha Alle, Ethiopian Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources who recalled that land is one of the major resources that Africa has and should be managed and used for the benefit of current and future generations to come.
The theme of the conference is: “The Africa We Want: Achieving socioeconomic transformation through inclusive and equitable access to land by the youth”, and it was underlined that land is central to livelihoods and sustainable development and so proper policies need to be crafted.
The conference was attended by government officials, academia, representatives of Regional Economic communities, African centers of excellence, civil society and private sector associations.