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Although there are still challenges when it comes to increasing the production of seeds such as sesame, the quarter year export performance for oilseeds and pulse has shown a very positive result, according to the Ministry of Trade.
During a press conference to address questions regarding the upcoming 7th International Conference on Pulses, Oilseeds and Spices, it was stated that the export sector with regards those commodities, needs value additions.
“As long as we are exporting raw products, the situation of the global market price that changes all the time, will always affect us, so what we need to do is move on to adding value to our products,” said Assefa Mulugeta, Export Promotion Directorate General at the Ministry of Trade.
Regarding commodities especially sesame, Assefa also said that it is clear that production is low and more work and needs to be put into research and extension programs; they need to be well developed.
“In general the logistics work is not on the level we want it to be on as well. It has been getting better step by step, we were only using road transport, now we are aiming to use the train to transport the product but even that needs to be further integrated,” he further said.
Looking at the black market for seeds that has been a problem for a while, new proclamations have been crafted to fight illegal markets, it was stated.
“Especially for red kidney beans, which leaves the country in high quantity and illegally, now has been included into a modern into the commodity exchange and it cannot be put to the market any other way. This fights the illegal markets,” said Mulugeta Mohammed, the Ministry’s pulses and cereals director.
Looking at the quarter year export performance, oilseeds specifically, 68,354 ton has been exported so far, large share of that is held by sesame; it has met over 90 percent of the export target. Regarding pulse, 68,228 ton has been exported.
“This is the season that a lot of commodities are ready for export and we are exporting large amounts. In the coming four or five months, we expect to continue to have really good performances. This year’s production and supply is very good,” Mulugeta stated.