African Mosaique Fashion Festival


On Saturday, December 2, the African Mosaique Design Center and Manufacturing Hub dubbed ‘The Hub’ will be officially opened with the Launch of the first Annual African Mosaique Fashion Festival (AMFF). A full day packed with exciting shopping experience from some of Ethiopia’s creative emerging talent and favorite established designers is expected to be showcased at the event. It is also said that the organizers will introduce for the first time the graduates of the first African Mosaique Incubator program AMFI. This is a new and exciting chapter for African Mosaique as it celebrates its 20th Anniversary since its first collective showcasing in Paris. According to the organizers, from its new base in Ethiopia, African Mosaique Design Center and Manufacturing Hub, the first of its kind on the continent, will continue celebrating African Fashion while identifying and promoting emerging designers.
African Mosaique, AM is primarily a luxury-fashion and clothing production enterprise, export-oriented, registered in Ethiopia, and operational in the Legetafo area on the outskirts of Addis Ababa. AM designs, manufactures and markets high end, value added garments, with fabrics and other raw materials sourced primarily from African textiles mills. The company employs mostly women, many who are young trainees and from low-income segments. The company also provides mentorship and collaborates with up and coming young designers and entrepreneurs in the fashion and apparel industry. It serves as a platform to emerging and established Ethiopian and other African designers, by providing on-job training, transfer of knowledge and marketing opportunities. Owned and managed by Anna Getaneh, an Ethiopian social entrepreneur, who has worked in Europe, the US and South Africa for many years, where she had a successful international modeling career.
Following its acquisition in 2015 of 9,000 square meters of land in a light industry area on the outskirts of Addis Ababa, AM started building a ‘Green/ Fair Trade’ design centre and manufacturing hub for itself and other small and medium sized designers. The centre and hub, the first of its kind, will produce thousands of designs and garments each year, as well as provide training, production and showcasing facilities for other designers, alongside business facilitation services.
In September 2016 AM launched African Mosaique – Fashion Incubator program, AMFI. The Fashion Incubator, the first of its kind in Africa. A 12-month program to provide designers with on job training, skills development and understanding the business of fashion. The designers are given the opportunity to develop further their creativity, working and learning with experts, with additional access to a fully integrated manufacturing hub, raw materials and industry know-how. A key component of the program will also be learning the business of fashion, from setting up his or her own labels or working in different fields in the fashion industry. Ultimately giving the opportunity to express their creativity in developing their own Capsule Collection Designers were selected from a nationwide call for designers, under the age of 30 with one-year minimum education in fashion and one-year work experience. The selected designers have gone through the program with specialized training, and upon completion designers will present their capsule collection, on December 2, to a carefully targeted audience, to promote and generate sales. Thereafter designers will also have the opportunity to have retail space within African Mosaique concept store.