ADB approves USD 123 million grant for Ethiopia


The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) has approved additional resources to Ethiopia’s Basic Services Transformation Programme in the form of a US$123 million grant. The resources are from the African Development Fund (ADF) window of the AfDB.
The Basic Services Transformation Programme Supplementary Financing (BSTP-SF) will be for the fiscal years 2018/19 to 2019/20. The proposed support is consistent with the Ethiopian government’s Growth and Transformation Plan II (GTP II) 2015/16 – 2019/20), with specific reference to the strategic pillar on ‘Accelerate human development and technological capacity building and ensure its sustainability’.
The additional financial support is a continuation of the African Development Bank Group’s commitment to deliver quality basic services in Ethiopia in the critical services sectors of healthcare, education and water and sanitation. The original support programme was approved in December 2015. Since 2006, the Bank has been a key supporter of the Government’s programme in basic service delivery at the community level, aimed at increasing access to healthcare, education, agriculture, water & sanitation and rural roads. And also strengthening accountability at the community level.