Agency floating three year comprehensive bid worth billions


The Federal Procurement, Purchase and Disposal Agency (PPDA) is undertaking a comprehensive procurement for federal government institutions and universities to choose a Framework Contract Supplier (FCS). The procurement is going to select companies which want to supply the items for the coming three years. There are 402 items and seven lots. The past procurement cost the government 3.3 billion birr and the current one is expected to exceed that significantly.
From the seven lots in the two categories, universities, and federal institutions, only the IT supplies reached the financial opening stage and it is said to be at the final stage of the announcement of the winner. On this category OMEDAD P.L.C, Haron Computers and Snap Trading and Industry P.L.C are among the 16 companies who made to the financial stage, on lot one.
Photocopy, printers, and tonner is the second lot followed by stationary, sanitary supplies, uniforms, office furniture, and tires, which are the other six lots.
The technical evaluation stage for the Federal budgetary institutions on Lots from three to five are finalized and lot two of the same category is in its final stage. Lot seven, which includes office furniture and tires, are waiting for the specific government organ which was assigned to undertake the technical evaluation.
For the category of the universities, the same status is registered for lot one which is the IT supplies. The lot up to five are said to finalize the result of chemical valuation, but they have not been announced yet. Lot two is said to be on the technical evaluation and the same issue is stated in the lots six and seven because they are having the same trouble appointing a technical evaluator.
Aiming to obtain a better price from the bulk purchases and to help the institutions focus on the issue which they established on the Agency make the procurement within three years and the winners will provide with only a delivery order until the time expires.
In the previous procurement, 49 companies won the bid where 22 were local and the international companies. The latest one which was announced in May 2018, was able to attract 72 local and multinational companies.
The procurement is going to be applicable for the coming two fiscal years including the current 2018/19 which is almost halfway done. The procurement is expected to take additional months.