Transsion Manufacturing PL


Transsion Manufacturing PLC celebrated its USD100 million export achievement at an event held at the Hilton Hotel in Ethiopia with government officials and its partners. At the ceremony, Transsion expressed its gratitude to its partners and the government for their support in resolving previous regulatory issues and also expressed its desire that the government continue its support.
Transsion Manufacturing PLC, which is in the process of building its mega factory at the Ethiopia ICT Village, is expected to double its existing capacity from one million devices per month to two million devices per month. Furthermore, it has entered new sectors such as household goods manufacturing with the Syinix brand.
Yu Weiguo, senior deputy general manager of Transsion Holdings’ Business Unit, said the company has tirelessly worked to double its performance despite high tax and hard currency problems in Ethiopia.
The company is known in emerging markets for its leading mobile phone brands, including TECNO, Itel and Infinix. Transsion has manufacturing facilities worldwide, including Shenzhen, China, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Noida, India
Teka Gebreyesus, deputy commissioner at Ethiopia Investment Commission said Transsion is a good example of promoting foreign investment in Ethiopia.
Trannsion’s total shipments in 2017 reached approximately 130 million units.