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Addis Ababa,Ethiopia
Addis Ababa,Ethiopia
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Modern states/societies have developed quite a knack for manipulating their sheeple, (human mass) without employing much coercion. If truth be told, modern societies are nothing more than dystopian constructs of the Huxley-ian...

Reflection on Brexit

No whining and bitching about Ethiopia today. Instead let’s begin th...

The fight for ocean health

The ocean is changing – and not for the better. Well-established sci...


SDG Goals

Ethiopia’s accomplishment during the first two years of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) will be evaluated at an event in July at the United Nations High Political Forum. Yinager Dessie (PhD), commissioner of...

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Untapped Potential

Twenty seven years ago the COMESA Leather and Leather Products Insti...

Mulatu Astatke (Phd)

Musician and arranger

Fifty two blissful, musical years with Mul...

Musician and arranger Mulatu Astatke (Phd) is best known as the fath...

Dr. Kesetebirhan Admasu, Former Health Minister

Dr. Kesetebirhan Admasu

Former Health Minister

Life devoted to health

Reforming the health sector, advocating maternal and children’s heal...

Gemechu Weyuma, Director General of Financial Intelligence Center

Gemechu Weyuma

Director General of Financial Intelligence Center

Fighting for Forex

Recently attempts by the government to reign in black market traders...

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Entrepreneur Profile

Aklilu Berhanu

Aklilu Berhanu

Akedenet Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Wholesale

Sells Pharmaceutical and Medical equipment

Yanet Ayalew

Yanat Travel

Car rental

Bereket Dessie

Bereket Dessie

Et- Solar Tech

Produces and sells solar equipment like bulbs and stoves

Taye Mezgebu

Taye Mezgebu

Habesha Tibeb

Makes and sells cultural clothes

Mistre Gossaye

Mistre Gossaye

Bemister Home Accessories

Produces and sells home accessories

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