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The historical narrative of Socialism and Capitalism

Socialism and capitalism seem like natural antagonists, but their rivalry is Oedipal. To many, the relationship appears straightforward. Capitalism, they would argue, created the modern industrial working class, which supplied the socialist movement with...

Growing populism in the globalized world

The integrated world economy has been shaken by repeated crises. The dramas have led to more and more unease about “globalization", or alternately, as its critics call the process, "neoliberalism," "turbo-capitalism," "casino capitalism," "disordered...

Kicking the tyres

When a person buys a new car they often walk around the vehicle and kick the tyres. As if kicking the tyres provides the information required to buy the car or not, it seems...

Adissu Yilma

Any other business?

Most of us spend many hours attending meetings, not all of them useful. In fact, many meetings are a waste of time, while giving the impression that a lot of hard work is going...

The quest for job creation

Economic development is widely measured using a Gross Domestic Product  (GDP) per capita indicator, reflecting an increase in the economic productivity and average material wellbeing of a country's population. This imperfect indicator paints an...
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