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The inevitability of the new world disorder

Future historians may look back on the executive order signed by President Trump withdrawing the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a fledgling free-trade agreement that brought together a dozen Pacific nations, including...

Every picture tells a story

Last week Sunday I took a walk around Bole area. I decided it was time for some exercise and took off. Seeing the city on foot is a total different experience than from behind...

Nationalism, Globalism, Pan-Asianism

Asians have many links between them. The religion of Buddha, for example, spread across Asia both by land and by sea, as did Islam in a later wave. The language of a seafaring tribe...

Zambia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Harry Kalaba Zambia withdraws Sharawi Republic...

Zambia's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Harry Kalaba, confirmed his statement of 9 July 2016 concerning Zambia's withdrawal of recognition of the Sahrawi republic. The Zambian Minister of Foreign Affairs also recalled that "Zambia supports the...

UK supports Ethiopian Peacekeeping

On Friday 24th February 2017, The FDRE Peace Support Training Centre (PSTC) graduated students who completed short term training provided by the centre with UK support. For United Nations Security Council members like UK and...
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