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Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and  the US Democrats

When Donald Trump, a Republican, opted to withdraw the United States from the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is an opportune moment to reflect on the Democrats’ role in managing globalization in the United States....

Governance model made in China

In the West, the Chinese model of governance is not seen as an alternative to the Western liberal political order. But as China overtakes the United States to become the largest economy and pulls...

Globalism’s  Rise and Fall

The Chinese say “when it rains, it pours”. As the Great Recession, eurozone crisis, stalled trade deals, increased conflict between Russia and the West, electoral revolts against European political elites, and finally Brexit followed...

American workers and globalization

Continued from last week: Donald Trump made it sound like all the fault for the United States' difficulty in managing globalization was due to trading partners abroad that were out to cheat the United States....

American workers and globalization

A few weeks into his transition, United States President-elect Donald Trump has moved to fill various White House and Cabinet posts. But he has also found time for many calls to the chief executives...

The emergence of “Trumponomics”

There is a delicious double standard in Donald Trump’s view of globalization, which may have a direct bearing on his emerging economic policy. During the 2016 presidential campaign, the one-time owner of the Miss...

The impact of inequality on western capitalism 

  Continued from last week. Democracy and capitalism were not often combined in history. Capitalism in the absence of democracy has been a common feature throughout history. This was the case not only in Spain under...

Inequality and Capitalism

Capitalism is the dominant system over the entire globe. Such a system is conventionally defined as consisting of legally free labor, private ownership of capital, decentralized coordination and pursuit of profit. One does not...

The different spheres of globalism

Many people would think globalism and globalization refer to the same phenomenon. However, there are important differences between the two. Globalism, at its core, seeks to describe and explain nothing more than a world...

Germany and geo-economics

Germany has emerged over the past decade as the big winner in the West from globalization, the Export-master of the world in its class. It is the paradigm of a geo-economic power, one that...
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