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Market needs

While we are busy running our business, which is now beginning to return some of our investments, we in fact need to begin working on renewal of our company before performance of our present...

The christmas market

This column comes from Vienna, Austria. On my way to Europe with Ethiopian Airlines, I choose to get off the plane in Vienna for a few days before connecting to Amsterdam. It is winter...

Modify: The Ethiopian Way

I have always been impressed by the skills of panel beaters here in this country and elsewhere in Africa for that matter. Following a crash with your car, you can take it to the...

The Red List

As the world is grappling with climate change and management of disasters, we need to be aware of the threats that mother nature is under serious threat and may not be able to sustain...

Balancing  job stress

We all experience stress in our lives and our jobs. While some stress may push us to achieve results, too much stress may cause us to fail instead. Constructive stress acts in a positive...

Africa Regional Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction

While the National Disaster Risk Management Commission and its Development Partners are still working hard to respond to the consequences of the worst drought in years, representatives of UN agencies, World Bank, Regional Economic...

Give and Take

Traffic rules are designed to help us find our way through traffic in a safe and effective way. Following the traffic rules is therefore the most logical thing to do. Traffic by the way...

Snakes and Ladders

Watching a building under construction in Addis Abeba is interesting to say the least. What I find most interesting is the scaffolding used by the majority of contractors. Made of Eucalyptus poles and sticks,...

International Disaster Risk Reduction Day

Last Thursday we saw the commemoration of International Disaster Risk Reduction Day, which is held every year in many parts of the world including Ethiopia. This year’s focus was on the Sendai Framework target...

Small holes

Where ever I go and what ever place I visit, sooner or later I will make a visit to the restroom, also known as washroom, toilet or WC, depending on what part of the...
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