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Why are we afraid of Feminism?

Readers of Capital would have seen the excellent coverage of the first session of the Open Talk series held on Friday September 19, at Capital Hotel. Economic empowerment from a gender perspective was selected...

Cooperation or disintegration?

Could the UN system be the final arbiter of conflicts any more in a world riddled with and where rivalry, self-interest and greed govern supreme in the inter-state relations of nations?  Could the permanent...

Capital Survey

International Watercourses & the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

“In the long march of mankind from the cave to the computer a central role has always been played by the idea of law-the idea that order is necessary and chaos inimical to a...

Brand new slums?!

“It´s a pity to see those “concrete boxes” being build...why??? You got a unique chance of building from scratch and could do it in a modern and green way...but most houses I see...

A long walk to prosperity

A story of innovative Ethiopian businesspersons in South Africa As the biggest economy in Africa, with a GDP of USD 419.92 billion in 2010 according to the Global Finance, and labelled by the World...

When Will Ethiopia Become a Middle Income country?

Ethiopia’s ambition to join the middle income group of countries started after completing the Sustainable Development and Poverty Reduction Program (SDRP) about a decade ago. The SDRP was a precursor to the strategic plan...

Why hydropower energy is indispensable to Ethiopia’s future

Ethiopia as a nation stands a chance to climb out of poverty, and more can be part of solutions to Africa’s Energy Poverty, by building its economy around hydropower Energy. Africa’s poverty has many...

The emerging new Nile Basin regime: The politics of institution building

The central challenge facing the Nile Basin states after ratification of the Comprehensive Framework Agreement (CFA) will be the establishment a new Nile Basin regime that will set clear procedures on water sharing, decide...

“The first national business conference”

No sooner than dividend tax on undistributed profits was declared, a gust of despair had started to blow among the business circles that worried them as to what to do with the bitter pill.It...
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