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Kenya subsidizes maize prices, Ethiopian exporters call for corn exports to...

The government of Kenya has placed controls on maize distribution in collaboration with millers to put a halt to rising prices.  Experts urged the Ethiopian government to work with exporters and expand exports of...

Abraha Castle, Axum Touring hotel bids cancelled

  The Tigray Cultural and Tourism Bureau (TCTB), which was expected to announce a winner this month for Abraha Castle Hotel and Axum Touring Hotel canceled the bid.. The reasons given for the withdrawal include changing...

Nutrition, food security challenges discussed at IFNA meeting

The first partners Meeting of the Initiative for Food Security and Nutrition in Africa (IFNA) was held in Addis Ababa on May 18 and 19. IFNA which was launched in Nairobi during  August 2016 in...

Africa needs to step back from outdated economic model, ECA says

Africa needs to resist the continuing economic model that is benefiting outsiders more than local populations if the continent is to successfully implement Agenda 2063 and Agenda 2030 for sustainable Development, Acting Executive Secretary...