Sending a Survey via Text Message 2020

While the majority of polls were once conducted via landlines, this simply isn’t a realistic option anymore. Many households no longer use landlines, and there are also far more efficient ways to collect poll results in 2020. One of these methods is using SMS and text polling to quickly and easily share polls and get results.

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Advantages of text polling

While many people no longer have landlines, chances are a broader section of your audience does have a cell phone. And even if their cell phone isn’t a smartphone, they can still take part in your polls thanks to SMS polling. This doesn’t require an internet connection or access, so it makes it a lot more accessible to a bigger group.

Text message polling in 2020

In 2020, text message polling is easier and more advanced than ever. Now, text surveys can be created quickly (often in less than a minute) and shared with your audience just as easily.

But it’s important to consider not all text polling software was created equally. Certain software is a lot easier to use for both the host and participants, along with providing a number of other benefits.

Text polling from Swift

Swift Polling by ExciteM has earned their reputation as the best live polling and audience interaction software available. In addition to text polling, they offer web polls, Q&As, live video integration, broadcast tools, gamification, and much more.

How does it work?

To send a survey via text message with Swift, you simply need to share your dedicated polling number with participants. This is easy to do, as it can be shared in PowerPoint presentations, sent in emails, shared on-screen during meetings, and even used during live video broadcasts. Along with the voting number, this is also where you’ll display the question and answer options themselves.

Using their cell phone, participants send one of the answer options you display in a text message. They can write a number (like 1, 2, or 3) or the answer itself.

Immediately after sending an SMS, participants receive confirmation in a text message. As the host, you can customize the feedback announcing that the vote was accepted.

The Swift Polling system collects answers automatically and processes them for you. Then, you can display the results in a visual diagram on the presentation screen, on your website, or even during a live broadcast.