Sparkling moments of Jazz and Poems


Tobiya poetic jazz celebrated its 90th event last week with a decorated poem and jazz. The night which featured many sparkling moments was had a surprise guest in Addis Ababa City Vice Mayor, Takele Uma Banti.
“I am here just to listen and I hope I will present a poem some other time,” he said. “I would like to assure you that we as government accommodate all kinds of ideas and we as Addis Ababa City want to tell you that we will support this event.”
Takele also stated that he previously attended the event before becoming Mayor. He greeted opposition political party leaders later after the show ended including Andualm Arage and Girma Kassa.
Meklit Hadero, the renowned Ethiopian jazz singer and songwriter performed her songs and expressed her happiness to come back to her home country again. Meron Getenet, renowned young poet who disappeared from the public for a long time also presented her poem during the event.
Messages of solidarity, love, and unity were brought by the performers and intellectuals during the poetry night held on the first Wednesday of the month at the Ras Hotel.