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Dashen’s digital retail payment platform

Dashen Bank known for its pioneering stance of introduction of ATMs and Card banking system has now introduced a new digital platform that will...

Dashen donates 10 million birr for the fight against corona

Dashen Bank who is the first bank to act on the mitigation of coronavirus effect in the economy donated ten million birr for the...

Dashen Bank stands with businesses, customers in these difficult times

One of the first private banks in the country, Dashen Bank, passes decision to mitigate the effect of the coronavirus on the economy, customers...

Dashen stars youth job program in six cities

One of the two most profitable financial firms, Dashen Bank, launches the pro government initiative to expand youth entrepreneurship in a program that will...

Dashen Bank to construct new building behind HQ

Dashen Bank has secured a plot from the city administration to construct a 30 +-storey building behind their current headquarters. Dashen announced the confirmation from...

Dashen Bank continues amazing ride

Dashen Bank, one of the top two most profitable private banks has amassed over 1.14 billion birr gross profit in the past...
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